Charlotte B Review

“Words can’t express how amazing Jenny and her wonderful wedding dress boutique Honeyblossom Bridal is.

Like all brides to be, I was feeling the pressure of finding that all important ‘dream wedding dress’ and having a wonderful ‘fairy tale’ experience. After speaking to numerous brides who had already been through the process of looking for that all elusive ‘dream wedding dress’ and visiting a few bridal boutiques, I began to feel that the wonderful wedding dress experience didn’t exist. I would almost dread going into bridal shops where I had a set time to try on dresses which didn’t fit and where I was often squeezed into dresses I really did not want to try on. I often felt self-conscious and regularly felt under lots of pressure…I was so disappointed that this was what wedding dress shopping was all about.

Jenny and Honeyblossom Bridal genuinely restored my faith in a girl having her dream wedding dress experience. Jenny’s lovely warm welcome and professional yet calm customer service is, no exaggeration, simply perfect. The boutique is stunning and I was able to browse wedding dresses at my leisure; placing little heart hangers on the dresses I loved. Jenny is so calm and helpful when you try the wedding dresses on at her boutique and her passion and knowledge for wedding dresses shines through. After my visit, I spoke to Jenny on a number of occasions for advice and guidance because, let’s be honest, buying a wedding dress is a huge commitment which many shops seem to, quite bizarrely, overlook. Jenny had all of the time in the world for me and helped me so much. After a second visit and some incredibly helpful chats with Jenny, I now have my dream wedding dress and I couldn’t be happier.

Jenny, thank you for restoring my faith and allowing me to have that dream wedding dress experience at Honeyblossom Bridal. I am so excited to pick my dress up from Honeyblossom next year. You are, without a doubt, the dream for every bride to be!”

– Charlotte B

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