Honeyblossom Bridal is owned and run by Jenny – Manchester born and bred and Sale resident! After being chief bridesmaid three (yes three times!) Jenny’s interest in all things wedding increased and she took on a part time role in a Greater Manchester boutique alongside her other career – the world of tax advice, quite different from the world of wedding dresses! The role opened her eyes to the bridal world in a way that she wasn’t expecting and she soon set her sights on pursuing a career in the industry.

Jenny comes from a family of entrepreneurs and always dreamed of having her own bridal boutique. After lots of planning, saving, support and encouragement from her family, friends and colleagues, Honeyblossom Bridal was born. The logo and artwork were all designed by her brother who also has his own business albeit in a very different industry – tattoos!

Jenny married in July 2017 in Manchester. This means she really understands the ups and downs of wedding planning and the excitement of finding ‘the one’. Her friends regard her as an expert in her field, and she has been called to action on more than one occasion when attending friends’ weddings to help a bride into their gown or straighten out those pesky lace trains!

Outside of Honeyblossom Bridal, Jenny enjoys playing netball, listening to music, shopping and rum!