Beautified shoes

Customised bridal shoes are the answer for the modern, fashion-forward bride! We all know that shoes can be an important part of a wedding day. How do you find shoes that are perfect for your wedding and for dancing the night away? The high street so rarely is able to deliver on both fronts. 

Our partner, ReVamp have the solution! They can take your favourite pair of shoes (or a new version of the brand you love), and dress them to your heart’s content. Shoes can be completely recovered (have a look at the Liberty fabric covered pumps below!), dyed, hand embroidered, painted, accessorised with jewels, glitter, buttons, trims… your imagination is the limit, resulting in a completely individual, customised bridal shoe for your big day.

We’ve got some great examples in the boutique which you can have a look at for inspiration. Here’s some we’ve fallen in love with: